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Sunday, November 30, 2008


I just seen this video, and it's real, with the way shit is happening nowadays, I wouldn't be suprised if folks acted out this way. Well props to Jeezy and "The Recession" was by far his best..."Crazy World"

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Hundreds x Disney ???

New stuff which released for the Black Friday Sale, WHICH I MISSED FOR SOME BULLSHIT !!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Cooley High:The Mixtape-The Re-Release

As promised Cooley High has been redropped since the original link didn't work, but this is a lot of old shit that'll NEVER be heard AGAIN. So here it is folks, enjoy.Cooley High: The Mixtape (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)

I Never Expected This...BUT IT'S DOPE.

Jeezy's been doing his thing lately, I can't complain. And P is still making hits...enjoy.Young Jeezy-Rumor Has It ft. Pharrell (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pastelle In January

Dated to drop in January 09...and the Air Yeezy's in March...im on both

Casey Veggies-It's All Good & Confidently Modest ft. LaVish & BrandUn DeShay

Both songs are dope, "Confidently Modest" will be on CV's "Customized Greatly Vol. 2" coming soon and you'll be hearing collabs from us in the future.

Be Thankful For This BITCH !

If you've known Tyler as long as I have you'll be as glad I am to see Tyler drop a tape. But big ups to my O.F. niggas, the tape is sick as fuck.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When They Reminisce Over Me, MY GOD !

Im putting the Cooley High Mixtape Redo Version together as we speak. Im gonna try and have it up for download tomorrow night. Also, I was listening to some of the stuff and I stepped up in a major way, but when I listen to the songs and how much fun we use to have in the studio, in 9th grade, it brings back memories. I know for all my friends that I use to associate with that are reading this feel the same way, but I know I changed, but it was for the better. I'm not sure if i'm happy with how everything turned out with friends and relationships but I've grown and learned from everyone of them. I'm getting my name out and people are knowing me now but there's always more growing for me to do, I've yet to conquer the world and sell out stadiums. But I'm working on making whatever I do next better than what I've done in the past. The "Fallin' To The Top: Mixtape" is almost finished, we just gotta do the photo shoot with Anwar and finish one more song called "Shine (In The City).

My next project im not sure what title im going with but whatever I do it's gonna be good. I barely started back recording...solo, so for the next couple of upcoming shows they'll be LaVish & B. Allan together to promote "Fallin' To The Top". Thanks to everyone involved with this project, producers and artists...BrandUn DeShay, Masterminds, Name, Casey Veggies, Anwar Carrots, Chuck Wun, Frankie Owns, Citee, Lux, Yatti, Brandon O' Neil, Bradley, Raymeo, Calcutta, Yusef Andrews, Shawn Collins, Just Jae, Tyler, The Creator, Yonnz, Rah, Kris Mars and any one else who lounged in the studio and clowned with us. And, also a good friend of mines, Vince Staples, is a new artist im pushing, dude is sick and got ideas, so he'll be on the next project also. It's funny cause I met him from always hanging out at the town kick it spot, but we began good friends and all, so you'll be hearing from him pretty soon.

-Veezy...ps: why is everybody so negative about the "808's & Heartbreak" album ??? That shit is dope, maybe cause I can relate.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Common Is Officially A Blogger!


Slim (of 112) - Good Lovin’ f. Ryan Leslie & Fabolous (Video)

Kanye West - Street Lights (Unofficial Video)

Keri Hilson - Turnin’ Me On (feat. Lil Wayne)

I Present To You: Kris Mars

Im gonna start doing posts about artists or people you should know about, this my homie Kris Mars, another 15 year old rapper, we did a song a few months ago called "Like A Movie" it'll be on my next project. But his new mixtape Kris Mars: The Real Vol. 1 will be coming soon, visit his myspace to hear his music.
Kris Mars

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Her Loves A Thousand Miles Away....

Man, they say that the top is lonely. I feel where they're coming from. I work hard and do a lot of shit and it's sometimes hard when you don't have someone to share that with, like not on no emo or "omg im desperate" shit, but it's true.

There's a saying like "behind every good man, there's a good woman", or something like that. But it's weird tho, but im like whatever, woman come and go, not to sound fucked up or nothing, but until I find that ONE SPECIAL GIRL im just gonna be working on my music 24/7.

Any of my exes reading this, DON'T FEEL LIKE I MISS YO ASS we're obviously not together because you didn't fit the criteria. But im good, just gonna keep making music and living life and doing everything to make it to the top and stay there.
Welcome To Heartbreak - Kanye West Feat. Kid Cudi
This song explains me...It's like I go out places with my friends and I can brag about who im working with or the clothes or shit I do, but then there happy with there girl. And im like damn, it's weird because I got everything they may want, and they got that one thing I want. But now it's like as long as I got my music im good, she'll come one day...hopefully.

Listen To "808's & Heartbreak"

I wasn't gonna listen to this album but I went to Kanye's blog and seen it, and I was pressurred to, same with "Graduation". But the album is good, I didn't think I'd like it. "Paranoid", "Say You Will", "Amazing" & "See You In My Nightmares feat. Lil Wayne" are my favorite. The album drops Nov. 24th...

BrandUn DeShay- Volume: Two! For The Show (Track List)

1. On Your Marks
2. RelationSH*T
3. Summer of 94'
4. Confidently Modest Featuring Casey Veggies and LaVish
5. Go Fly A Kite ReMix feat. Tyler, The Creator
6. Starcrossed
7. Wait. Ok, Now You Can Look
8. Ace In The Hole
9. More Ovaltine Please Featuring Tyler, The Creator
10. Dream Chaser
11. 100 Proof Absolut Rocka
12. If Life Was More Like 1983
13. Back Jack Do It Again
14. Worst Kind of Killer

Im not sure when he plans on dropping this, but I know it's gonna be dope. I got off my ass and not im working also folks. I been helping people out like crazy and now it's time I do myself a favor, call it selfish or call it "about time". Big ups to all my good friends tho. "Fallin To The Top" is coming in January. Ima plan on doing the photoshoot for it next week at Rogue Status or something with Anwar. But from now on it's all work, I've noticed and I've came to reality with the fact that I've been lazy lately and watching folks do shit, but I haven't been doing it, so it's bout time I wake up and get everything going.



It's called the Boombench, designed by NL Architects from Holland. And the speakers aren't just for show, THEY ACTUALLY WORK, and via bluetooth...


Tyler The Creator Presents..."The Odd Future Tape"...A few weeks ago Tyler let me hear "BitchesBrewin" & "PimpSlap" and I just wanted to hear the WHOLE thing. But the tape features OF artists, Tyler The Creator (aka Ace, The Creator), Casey Veggies, Hodgy Beats, The Super 3!, and Left Brain. I've had talks with Ace about me on Vol. 2 and joining OF, so we'll see what the future holds. And also listen to "Slow It Down", "OurStory" & "Bubblegum" (that's what I've heard so far). Go to the OF BLOG to know about everything, and ODD FUTURE to see the whole team...Also, this is word-ed to drop this Thanksgiving, which is Thursday.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rogue Status x Brooklyn Projects

Only at Brooklyn Projects.

New The Hundreds Holiday 2008

The Hundreds Holiday 2008 released Thursday, the 20th. more at The Hundreds blog


Drake & Lykke Li-A Little Bit Remix ((CLICK TO LISTEN))
This song is DOPE I seriously have to throw it to Drizzy, this is why he's one of my favorite rappers out...CREATIVE-NESS...p.s. that should be a word.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Damn this is crazy !

Suprised: Mickey Factz killed this HANDS DOWN !!!!!!

Cory Gunz, Charles Hamilton & Mickey Factz freestyle...I didn't think Factz was this sick.

Gym Class Heroes (Feat. Estelle) - Guilty As Charged

This is funny...good song tho

Christmas Shopping ???

Fuck waiting for these

Complex & Mick Boogie Present: Leaders of the New Cool (Mixtape)

1) Mick Boogie “Intro”
2) The Knux “Fire”
3) 88 Keys “Bout To Bus”
4) Treats Speaks…
5) B.o.B “I’ll Be In The Sky”
6) Mickey Factz feat. Curtis Santiago “Automatic”
7) U-N-I “Hollywood Hiatus (Cool It Now)”
Charles Hamilton “It’s”
9) Fashawn “Buyer’s Guide”
10) The Knux “Bang Bang”
11) Treats Speaks…
12) Fresh Daily & Homeboy Sandman “Swerve”
13) Daytona & 6th Sense “Too Complex”
14) Marky “Higher”
15) Cool Kids “Delivery Man”
16) Chip Tha Ripper feat. Naledge, Mickey Factz & Mic Terror “Next Up”
17) B.o.B “Generation Lost”
18) Tanya Morgan “Stay Cool”
19) Charles Hamilton “Hell Boys”
20) Treats Speaks…
21) Izza Kizza “Parking Lot Pimpin”
22) Big Sean “Tomorrow”
23) D-Black & Big Pooh “Top Of The World”
24) Pacific Divison “Wake Up”
25) Donnis “Dope Girl”
26) Supreeme “Roni”
27) The Knux “Cappuccino (Remix)”
28) Nola Darling feat. Fresh Daily “Coco Rico”

Honestly, my favorite rappers OUT NOW are Big Sean,Kanye, and Drake.

I Feel This Way About Certain People & Situations...

Drake-Thrill Is Gone (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)

Also, for all Drake and Kid Cudi fans, they both got an article in the new Vibe Magazine...(On Stands Now !)


LaVish-Heartless (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)
Here's a little mess around track I did earlier today in Yusef's studio.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rogue Status x Estate x Family Affair

Just left RS btw, good looking Anwar...

It's All In Your Head

I think it's about time I spoke on this, WHY ARE RAPPERS THAT AREN'T EVEN GOOD SO DAMN COCKY ??? Im just like damn, I thought arrogant people were good at rapping or making beats ??? I mean not to put anyone down or call any INSECURE artists out. Every artist should be a little cocky, it's like if someone was to ask if your good, your not gonna say "im cool" or "im whatever". NAW your gonna be like "im sick, if you haven't heard about me, YOU WILL." I respect that, but not if your wack or "Ok". I respect every rapper that shows me love, though. But umm "FALLIN' TO THE TOP: THE MIXTAPE" Dropping in January, so be out on the lookout for that.


In Search Of...

Clothing line called The Award Tour, this is the Private Rebbellion Collection. I posted something earlier this year about their clothing, still haven't found where to get their stuff, but IN SEARCH OF !

Wayne Heads !

1. Welcome Back
2. Dedication 3 f. Mack Mane, Willie The Kid, Gudda Gudda
3. What Else Is There To Do
4. Dick Pleaser f. Jae Millz
5. Ain’t I f. Jae Millz
6. You Love Me You Hate Me
7. Bang Bang f. Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda
8. The Other Side f. La The Darkman, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda
9. My Weezy f. Shanell, Lil Twist & Tyga
10. A Dedication
11. She’s A Ryder f. Gudda Gudda
12. Still I Rise f. Nicki Manaj
13. Magic f. Gudda Gudda
14. Do’s & Don’ts Of Young Money
15. Whoever You Like f. Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda
16. That Was Easy
17. Get Bizzy f. Gudda Gudda
18. I Got That Gangsta f. La The Darkman & Willie The Kid
19. A Message To The DJ’s
20. Stuntin f. Drake
21. Dedicated
22. Put On For The Game f. Tyga & Gudda Gudda
23. Dedication 4

NEW:Raymeo ft. A-1-Ice Lemonade

Raymeo ft. A-1-Ice Lemonade (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)
I heard this about an hour ago, it's a big step UP and a change for Raymeo, off his new project "New School Spirit"...im actually on this one lol...But check the song out and here's his myspace. I was gonna wait til the morning BUT had to end the night right...peace.


Friday, November 14, 2008

NEW:LaVish & B. Allan-OneTwo (UNMASTERED CDQ)

So here's a unmastered but still CD Quality version of a new track off of "Fallin' To The Top: Mixtape" produced by KReam Team....enjoy ! LaVish & B. Allan-OneTwo (UNMASTERED/CDQ)...CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Dom Kennedy-Miss Donna Karen

Dom Kennedy-Miss Donna Karen (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)
This song is hot to me, big ups to Dom...his upcoming album "Los Angeles Unified Sound Districts" sounds like it's gon be dope, he's grown majorly to me...nice...and also I seen the "808's & Heartbreaks" track listing, 11 tracks...I've already heard 7.

Ludacriss-I Do It For Hip Hop ft. Nas & Jay-Z

Ludacris-I Do It For Hip Hop ft. Nas & Jay-Z
Ha ! Finally some good shit, it's been a minute since a song has came out where EVERYBODY got off..."Theater Of The Mind" just might be dope. November 24th

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So I got to a comp, but it's slow with dial-up. So I heard "Everybody Knows Us" by Dom Kennedy, Pac Div & Carter. And I see that The Hundreds are coming out with a mixtape, I assume called "I Saved Your Life". I wanna make it on the next volume. But Dom stepped it up, I was suprised with his verse. "25th Hour" was dope too". So here's the track from Casey V I was talking bout the other day download it....
Casey Veggies-Pop Champagne ft. J SeanDom Kennedy-Everybody Knows Us ft. Pac Div & Carter (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)

88 in the building !!!!

YESSSSSS!!!!!!! Finally are months of long waiting I got the 88-Keys album. I had to go to Amoeba in Hollywood for it tho. It's straight tho, the album is sick, the production is dope. I recommend you BUY this album. Kanye did good executive producing this, why there's not a G.O.O.D. Music label on here I'm not sure, but it's all good. "The Death Of Adam" IN STORES NOW...LaVish & B. Allan-"Fallin' To The Top: Mixtape" COMING IN JANUARY...Just working on mastering all the tracks and the cover right now, shouts to Anwar Carrots on that note. Also, I'm getting back in the studio Saturday to start MY project, I'm thinking of calling it "The Road To Success"...hmmmm...still no FUCKING internet...whomp



Pacific Division x Carter x Dom Kennedy - Everyone Knows Us (Video)

J. Cole - School Daze

J. Cole - School Daze (CLICK TO LISTEN)

VIMBY On Set With Pacific Division, Carter & Dom Kennedy For “Everybody Knows Us” Video Shoot

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

88-Keys - True Feelings (Video)

Seems like streetlights glowing...

I'm sitting down listening to Kanye's new track "StreetLights", and I honestly didn't like it at first but it grew on me like "Robocop" & "Love LockDown". But again I went on a "buy 88-Keys album" mission. That was a WHOMP and it took 5 buses, whomp. But I did a lot of thinking on that little tour. Btw, if your wondering why I didn't post any new songs off "808's & Heartbreaks" is because I don't wanna hear it yet. But I realize as a artist I've got a lot of growing to do, I'm still learning, production to rapping to songwriting skill. I've changed over the past few months, lost close friends and gained new ones. I'm only one man and I make mistakes, which I always seem to learn from, but the people who say there there for you always put you down for those mistakes, and never uplift you from making those choices again. "See I know my destination, but I'm still not there"...I'm gonna be big I swear, so when that day comes if your in my life, your lucky, if not just watch ME SHINE ! The weird thing about it is the people I called "close" I don't really miss, and can go days without talking to...maybe they didn't mean that much...idk this song got me talking crazy, but I regret nothing I say.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Straight Bullshit

Today was going real good, did a interview with Raymeo, Chuck & Calcutta for this site hiphopdelight.com with this real cool dude from Fatbeats (on Melrose). But we did the interview (which will be up soon) and a performance. I guess the day was too good to be continue cause I went to FatBeats to pick up the 88-Keys album which I've been waiting on very impatient, listening to that album was gonna be my highlight of the day. But they said they hadn't received it yet, and my dad was on STRAIGHT BULLSHIT and didn't wanna take me to Amoeba. SOOOOOO then I went to my daily blogs and I seen that Kanye's damn near whole album is out there, so FUCK ALBUM LEAKERS that spoil the hype and fun of buying albums nowadays. And to make a long story even longer I'm missing out on everything from beats people are sending, etc...the fucking company still hasn't installed internet, fucking pricks. But also Casey's new song "Pop Champagne" is on the Peas&Carrots blog for download (I haven't even heard it, and can't post it without internet.) Hopefully by Friday I'll have internet access. And the video from the interview & show will be coming soon. Shouts to Haps over at FatBeats for the love....fuck u album leakers, I hope you eat a plate of aids and drink a glass of herpes...yes I'm not making sense, sheeeitttt I'm mad, oh well...now back to my spanish hw.


Monday, November 10, 2008

For You & Yours !

I'm not sure why EVERYBODY hitting me up on myspace for the "Cooley High Mixtape" I HATE THAT MIXTAPE (when I look back on it now, but it brings back memories...damn)...SO instead uploading all the same shit I'm gonna put some of the mixtape track songs that I had put out and put em on the mixtape. Like a revisted version of it. And I'm gonna continue to push this until it drops...LaVish & B. Allan-"Fallin' To The Top: Mixtape Vol. 1 "...dropping in January. We could actually drop it now BUT we wanna do it the right way and have everything mastered, cause all the latest songs I've released haven't been mastered. Btw I might be embarrassed awhile from now cause I'm putting some of my 1st songs on the revisted version, but it's all good lol.



I want one so bad ...

November 13th.

Flashback Video Of The Week!

Marco Polo feat. Masta Ace - Nostalgia

Upper ...

...Playground Premium 2008 Fall/Winter Collection

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pure Jealousy !

The last time I was at Rogue Status, Anwar had hooked me up with a RS Gun Show Tank Top...BUT Casey had got there before me and Anwar gave him this wallet (which wasn't out yet, didn't even have a set date) but it's out now...ima def be up there this week to cop one. 1720 Main St. in the city of Venice, CA...and may I add that as you know people LOVE TO BOOTLEG SHIT, cause I seen a dude on the Santa Monica strip tonight with a fake Rogue Status Gun Show shirt on...didn't even have the logos...whomp !


I heard this album on the way home from the movies tonight, (Soul Men was pretty funny btw) and I was shocked, I only heard the first 10/11 and they sounded good to be honest. Pain stepped it up, kudos. AND...This is my OFFICAL song of FOREVER !!!
Any Way - Kanye West
I been bumping this since yesterday, it's different and I like it. Now I don't love EVERY SINGLE THING Kanye West does, but maybe since I like Bjorn, Justice and Coldplay (etc, etc, etc) this little techno sound is dope to me.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Starting Over...

After yesterday's show im on some NEW NEW shit. Starting ALL over on my project, feeling different about beats I choose and the songs I make. Im tryna make a classic project. Or at least something that EVERYBODY can vibe too. After the show we went to In & Out and seen a few homies and we were talking about the rap game and my career (after a few cyphers). And honestly, a record deal nowadays isn't like it use to be, and not that important to artists. Look at people like Drake or The Cool Kids who ALL had a buzz for months (and it's still going) without a record deal. Their seeing money still, but I look at it now like I don't do the music thing for money. It's something I love and money comes secondary. BUT that's just while im coming up. I just wanna make a name for myself, make songs people LOVE and bump for years to come. Im not sure what im calling the upcoming project but it will be something more meaningful. Im thankful for everyone that shows/showed love and support. From now on im progressing as an artist, I feel like im wasting time right now, it's a hand full of rappers out now that SUCK and im sitting on my ass in L.A. letting the days go by, screaming out "HEY IM A RAPPER" without nothing to show, and that's a big NO-NO, so I got get on it REAL HEAVY...

-Veezy ... stay updated folks...

Drake-Friends With Money

Friends With Money - Drake