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Thursday, July 31, 2008

N*E*R*D x Lupe THE Fiasco

Seeing Sounds is my shit

Can't wait for L-U-P-END.

No Hair!!!

Donnell Rawlings fomerly known as "Ashy Larry" remixes Jordin Sparks' "No Air", excuse me "No Hair" lol.


We Bring You The Remix

My favorite clothing line "The Hundreds" present remix tees of their previous shirts, for the 5th Anniversary.

This is the "Fight Back" tee one of 5 remix shirts.

And "Cans"

These are my two personal favorites.

TheHundreds.com/wordpress for the rest of the tees.

News on New Kick

you can now have changable cases which are avialible on the tmobile website. its now availible for purchase for $150 with a two-year contract.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Angela Simmons-"Center Of Attention"

Big Boi-"Something's Gotta Give" (featuring Mary B. Blige)

Taking it back: Kelis

Man! when I was in the 3rd grade back in '02 I heard "Young, Fresh, & New" from Kelis on her 2nd album "Wanderland" and I fell in love with her. Her music was ill!!! The Neptunes are genius', too bad she left Star Trak Ent. But I still love her. Just listening to her albums and N*E*R*D's "Bobby James" reminds me when I was just a 8 year old with so many dreams.

The Goonies. . .23 years later.

Inspired by the 1985 film, "The Goonies".

Im A Day Behind. . .BUT!

For Converse's 100th Anniversary they release the leather pack Chuck Taylor's. Which were inspired by vintage motorcyle jackets. . .and the retail price is $384.

Don't Believe The Hype !

Today, I was showing an A & R some of my music, and he says to me, "You need to change your style, and do club banger music". I just looked at him and said "Aiight" and left. Is that what it takes for people to get signed ? Does "She Got a Donk" or "Laffy Taffy" kind of songs get you signed ? Look at Lupe Fiasco he made "Kick Push" & "Superstar" a single. He stayed true to himself and people excepted it.

I will NEVER! try to make shit for the radio or the club, or become someone im not. I don't dance so why would I make a song and a dance for it when that's not me, I was raised listening to A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, Jay-Z, & Sade by my dad, so I know good music and that's all I strive to make. If a song comes out good and has the potential to be a hit, then it'll make it to radio and in clubs.

Another example is Fonzworth Bentley's new single "Everybody", that's on BET & the radio, Nas got "Hero" in the club and on radio, these are all real songs and mean something. No hate to Soulja Boy or anyone making those kinda records but that's just not me. It's like they say "real recognize real", and I'll become successful from people loving my music and knowing ima real dude, not tryna be someone im not. IM JUST TIRED OF EVERYONE TRYNA BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, WHERE DID PEOPLE BEING UNIQUE GO ?

Back in the 80s & 90s rappers were themselves and everyone had they own style, there were so many different kinds of artists from Biggie to LL Cool J to N.W.A. If rappers had beef they'd battle it out and that's it, now everybody wanna have a gun, and shoot somebody.

And what's with everyone wearing fake ass kanye stronger glasses, and skinny jeans with a scarf and Nike's. That goes for boys & girls. . .And everyone wants to rock Alife & shop at Urban Outfitters. But I can't speak for anyone else, I gotta just keep doing me and that's it. Ima humble dude and I don't expose people but damn when will it end ?

Now everybody is a f%#kin fan of hipster & backpacker culture.I remember when we were called "backpackers" when it wasn't "cool" to be one, but that's what everyone wants to be. . .nowadays. It's just bad because me and Nardo were this way back when we met 4 years ago in the 7th grade.

But as long as I stay real to myself and my peers it'll all be good. . .and the fans/people of course. . .

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New : The Knux - Bang! Bang!

The Knux - Bang! Bang! (CLICK TO LISTEN)

Ugly Piece Of Shit!

Nike SB - August 2008 Releases

available at your local Nike SB retailer

New : Young Jeezy feat. Jay Z - Put On (Remix)

Jay hoped on th track for the REMIX !
Young Jeezy feat. Jay Z - Put On Remix (CLICK TO LISTEN)

A mini studio sesh from earlier

My homies SPitz & Hypebeast

Chuck looking at ASS!

We caught this dude at the red light, we thought he was pretty "fly" lol

Doesn't he look like Uncle Junior off the Jamie Foxx Show???(if you remember that) lol


Consequence (featuring GLC & Really Doe)-Disperse

Monday, July 28, 2008

Song Of The Day

Paper Trail (Ft. Phonte) - Kidz In The Hall

Kidz In The Hall-"Paper Trail" (featuring Phonte)

New Music From T.I.

Whatever You Like - T.I.

New song from T.I. called "Whatever You Like", I personally think it's pretty dope. Off his upcoming album "Paper Trail" and a little flashback joint off his first album "Im Serious" called "What's Yo Name ft. Pharrell"

Whats Yo Name - T.I. feat. The Neptunes

For You & Yours

Downtime - Little Brother

Phonte (from Little Brother)-Downtime

"Niggas tryna eat, but everybody gotta grocery cart"-Phonte.

Outside Looking In

I aint rich. . .YET!!!

Breakfast for lunch . . .=brunch


New : Lloyd - I’m Wit It

Heres a new song by Lloyd that was produced by usher's little brother (J Black) Lloyd’s new album is dropping August 5th called Lessons In Love.

Lloyd - I’m Wit It (CLICK TO LISTEN)

Good Morning!

This pic was kinda old, but still looks like a "Good Morning"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazy-er Afternoon


A night at the beach & then Hollywood Blvd.