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Friday, February 27, 2009

Took The Time Out To Blog This...

New song from PacDiv...Pacific Division-Pac Div...btw: I'm back in the studio, new shit will be up soon

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Real briefly stating, lately I been distracted from accomplishing what I needed to, not to make any excuses, it's me to blame, can't blame anyone else for me not being focused. But anywho I'm back on track, kinda glad I was on a somewhat hiatus cause I got to sit back and watch everyone and all my peers do "their thing". "Hometown Hero" is now in the works, I'm going back to the studio starting tomorrow to do a majority of the tape, so there'll be another all-nighter, I suppose. Shouts to everyone helping from song ideas to features to beats to anyone that sits in on studio sessions. Look for the tape dropping in May/June. The reason for that is because the video shoot is gonna be in May (lord willin') and I wanna drop the tape when summer hits...just stay updated with shit I leak and promo songs...peace.

"Let The Dollar Circulate"

"The Recession" is Jeezy's best album in my opinon...this one of my favorite songs from him.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seems like everyday there's something new to ride to...

Another tape with good music...this is 3 in one week, but check it out for your own opinon...I got school tomorrow, peace.VIMBY & UPONTHINGZ Present: The New Classics (Mixtape)


I been listening to TiRon for a minute now, but it's been a lot of good songs/tapes coming out, it's hard to choose what to play on my ipod...I'm glad I got time til "Hometown Hero" is set to drop, I'm seeing what I could do to better myself by watching my peers...but download the tape here

Mike G Be On His Shit lol...

Mike G chopped & screwed "Confidently Modest" the tape been out for 2 days and there's already remixes...but check it out here...people heard this song from the Peas & Carrots blog a while ago and they be singing this shit lol...I feel like, Me, DeShay & CV make good music (together).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Still Like My Version...

New freestyle from Cudi over RIch Boy's "Drop", my version won't be on "Hometown Hero" tho, it was just promo...Kid Cudi-'09 Freestyle

Monday, February 23, 2009

brandUn DeShay-Volume Two ! For The Show (Mixtape)

Second mixtape from big bro DeShay...I'm on this one...got a track called "Confidently Modest" with Casey Veggies, that's also on CV's Vol. 2 (coming March 17th)...brandUn DeShay-Volume Two ! For The Show (download) (I got this sent to me exclusively btw, so I'm like the first to blog this lol...he's also helping me with "Hometown Hero")

Eighty81 & Drake

I feel like Drake is one of the best rappers out now...destined to blow...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

L O V E .


Is It Weird That I Like This Song ???

This song is dope, but it's kinda like some Prince shit lol idk...I feel like it's dope, especially the breakdown, Kanye killed it tho...The Dream-Walking On The Moon ft. Kanye West

2nd Childhood.

Sometimes I hate growing up and change. A lot of childhood things and shit that happend growing up, I miss it. Like music that I listened to growing up, and songs I memorized that pumped me up I miss em now. Like A Tribe Called Quest days, or Biggie, that shit was ill. Drake's "So Far Gone" mixtape is dope but I still feel that "Comeback Season" is still classic. I wish I could stay young sometimes but there must always be progress and growth, I kinda hate it tho...

2nd Childhood - Nas
I'm still stuck in these days, 2nd childhood...My pops would bump this like 24/7 when we'd ride around...Guess we all gotta grow up...

Our Work Is Never Over.

I was going thru my ipod the other day with Banks and we were listening to my "old shit"...and I had about 100 songs, and so many mixtapes that I NEVER finished. I was like "this is a damn shame", I could've had about 6 mixtapes. But I started a lot of projects and never finished em. The deal with the LaVish & B. Allan mixtape, "Fallin To The Top" is that when we did that tape we were just getting good at making "actual songs" rather than a bunch of songs with run-on verses without a hook. The tape is done, but we feel like we should redo it with new beats and all, it'll be out sometime this year. Bogart (B. Allan) is working on his solo project and so am I, so after both of those drop we'll do the collabo tape. I gotta stop starting stuff and not finishing em, that's not a good look when you hype the fans for something that's not happening. So you can depend on "Hometown Hero" dropping in May/June. My girlfriend says "just drop it already", but I wanna drop it before schools out, so you'll have something to vibe to thru the summer, and the "Tops Come Down" video won't be out til Summer '09 anyways (shouts to C-San on that)...So I'll just leak a bunch of freestyles, videos, and teasers/snippets to kill time lol.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Happy (belated) birthday to Brandon...yesterday was a cool day...lately my life has just been revolving around me writing rhymes and getting a bigger buzz...new stuff coming soon, can't wait til August when I'm driving, I haven't been able to record in 2 weeks, so I just got shit piled up, but I'll be back this week and have stuff up asap...shit's been weird in my life lately, some good, some wtf's...can't complain tho
Big Sean-Supa Dupa
T-Pain ft. Kanye West-Flight School
C-San ft. Casey Veggies-Can You Work With That

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Sean-Million Dollars

New track off "U KNOW BIG SEAN" (well it's some what of a re release, the snippet was on Finally Famous Vol. 1)...check it out here

Kid Cudi-Day n Nite (Video)

Finally Cudi dropped a video for "Day N Nite"...the video is weird, type of shit that you watch when your HIGH !

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Imagery In This Video Is ill...

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.
Word from Ye is this isn't the next single, "Amazing" is...


This is on the cd version of "So Far Gone", another favorite...(LISTEN HERE)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

PSA: "I Just Wanna Be Successful"

I think I've found my new theme song lol. But nowadays I see life thru a different perspective, it's easy to make it nowadays, but it's harder to stay there. I've made a big change and sound with the music I make within the last fews months. I met a lot of new people that have helped me and brought me around the "big names". Stuff like that showed me how hard I have to work to make it there, "Hometown Hero", I been putting a lot of work into it. It's basically about me becoming the one and songs about relationships, showing off, etc, etc. Shooting for like 21 tracks. I got about 10/11 already. But there's no set date for it so I'm just work until I feel it's done and ready to drop.

I had to wake up because I was surrounded with the wrong crowd that wasn't getting anywhere, and I was so blinded to believe that we were. I'm on my own shit now, taking everything and changing it for the better, from friends to people I work with and the women I choose. I've also noticed how quick people can change when they see you progressing, shit's crazy. I sometimes feel like saying fuck everybody, but I keep my composure and remain calm. But it's only one way to go from here, and that's UP...

Happy Valentines...

Honestly, I feel like Valentines put a lot of pressure on the guys...most of the pressure goes to yo pockets lol...But this is like a national holiday for the "ladies pleasure", enjoy it tho ladies...(btw, this song is still nice !)

Consequence x Kid Cudi x Plain Pat

Consequence & Kid Cudi - "Buggin Out 09" Promo from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.
The video shouldf be dope...p.s. where can I get them big eyes from ??? lol

Friday, February 13, 2009

Drake-So Far Gone (Mixtape)

Finally...good way to kick off the weekend...This tape is straight up motivation, Drizzy is ill...One of my favorite, he not on no commericial "bubblegum" rap, this is one of my favorite tapes...download here

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pimpin Curly Pt. 2

This beef shit is wild...50 got too much time on his hand.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kid Cudi-Can I Be

New song from Cudi produced by Ryan Leslie...they make good shit together...download here


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mike G-Exhibit A ft. LaVish (ME!!!)

Here's a track I did with rapper, Mike G, off his project...download it here.

You May Be Hearing This Remixed On "Hometown Hero"

Another off of "Vol. Two For The Show"...talked to DeShay earlier, and there may be a possible remix for this in the works...brandUn DeShay-The North Star (I Can't Lose My Way) ft. Milly July

Don't Trust Rosewood.

The other day I was posted in Diamond with the homie Charles, after all that decided to stroll in The Hundreds and fuck with em lol. I had a Rogue tee & Rogue hoodie on, walked in, started looking at there Spring season shit, it was pretty wack to me. The homie Pina said "I'd rather keep fucking with Rogue" and I seen they didn't like that comment, they were already "mean-muggin" me for what I was wearing, but that was the icing on the cake lol. But fuck em, it's DTA..Brandon took this pic on his Blackberry...btw, if you've been down Fairfax lately, you'll noticed every damn where is a DTA or Rogue Money Shot sticker, it's like they taking over shit lol.

SOTD:Pacific Division-Paper ft. Tiron

I met PacDiv Friday during U-N-I's performance, their cool dudes and Curtains also...for all those that are late on this song or group here's a somewhat of a "anthem" for me.

Casey Veggies-Goin Higher

New track from CV produced by Uncle Dave...download it here

Asher Roth-I Love College (Video)

The song is pretty catchy, and the video goes well...Roth's is nice btw.

C-San-Late Night

New track from C-San off upcoming "I Wanna Work With Dj Quik" mixtape.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Drake-Ignorant Shit ft. Lil Wayne

Feels good to get the sneak peeks lol...Can't wait for "So Far Gone"
Drake-Ignorant Shit ft. Lil Wayne

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pimpin Curly

I could see 50 rockin the curls forreal, lol.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

BrandUn DeShay-F*ck You

Big homie DeShay sent me this track off upcoming "Vol. Two For The Show", this track is dope as fuck, check it out, and download it also...brandUn DeShay-F*ck You

Also, check his music page out, right here...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thinking of You.

I really love this girl man, I don't think she understands how much I do. But it's crazy when someone doesn't wanna be committed. It's usually the girl that wants to be committed, and the guy is on some "player" shit, not giving a f%#k...But I don't wanna send out a long ass message, I guess I'm in over my head and expect to much sometimes, it's hard for me though, staying up long nights just thinking, telling my friends about her and stuff...Kanye said, "How he stay faithful in a room full of hoes", I figured the only way to so is to leave the room. I've been faithful for the first time in a relationship to be honest. I seen my ex girlfriend today sitting at the bus stop on Fairfax, and I said to myself and my friend Banks, "I don't miss it at all", for the first time I feel like I'm with someone I could devote myself to, I know I'm young but fuck it. Maybe one day she'll come around and feel the way I do...



"Another Love Song About Shit"

A few months ago Tyler told me and F.O. about his album "Dinosaur" and this is the first release off of it, obviously...Valentine's day is coming soon and this is the total opposite...but it has 80's snare, dope strings & chords...Also, you can catch Tyler on "Hometown Hero" ha, peace.
Tyler, The Creator-Sarah

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


U-N-I - Run Son Live @ Key Club from 2dopeboyz.com on Vimeo.
I was trying my hardest to get a ticket, Casey & C-San were clueless on em, and they were sold out at the door...as long as they rocked it, you can prolly catch us at this upcoming Spliff on Friday...


I don't know what to say, shit's gettin heavy.
Via: Peas & Carrots

"Freshjive clothing, I am fresh right ???"

2saint rockin the new Freshjive 2009 Spring/Summer Collection now available at Reserve LA.

Reserve LA
420 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Via: 100k & Hypebeast

Monday, February 2, 2009

They Work Well Together !

Pharrell & Wayne seem to be doing a lot together nowadays, Pharrell sounds kinda like Swizz Beatz on this to me tho...
Lil Wayne-Ay Man ft. Pharrell


Haven't been blogging like I usually do, been preoccupied with a certain "someone". Well Friday I hit the studio for a sec and did my "Starstruck" remix (coming soon) and just chilled. Saturday went bowling (somewhat) and chilled with my girl, B Allan and others...Then Super Bowl Sunday I did something I've never done before, I introduced my girl Tiaira to the fam, they all liked her, and I'm glad, so it was a good weekend...I love this girl...

P.S.I didn't get to hit Rogue all weekend, but afterschool today, me, Banks & Brandon hit it up...talk about a re-up lol