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Monday, June 30, 2008

Ice T Talks To Pac Div About Rhyming

Pacific Division was backstage with Ice T(rapper lol) before they performed their show and they ended up getting into a discussion about the growth of hip hop and rhymes. And yes the Soulja Boy incident was a part of the convo.

The Cool Kids - Dinner Time

The Cool Kids - Dinner Time (CLICK TO LISTEN)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Damn i miss my cam

B. Allan (L) LaVish (R). . .why is he mean muggin the cam ?

someday I'll laugh about it !

Pics From My Dinner Party

WRONG DATES!!!it actually was June 22nd 08. . .but whoever sent these pics thanks, can't find the other ones.

A Violent Timeline



I remember when people fought with they hands, now everybody rollin around fighting with guns, smh folks !

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Could dudes really pull this off?

New Sharking Compilation

what would ladies do ? lol

Another For The Ladies

the number 8 is the chinese lucky number and is the basis for the Nike's Octogon collection. This will celebrate this year's Olympic Games in China beginning 8/8/08. This shoe features an octogon design on the side and all around the toebox. These shoes will be avialible at certain Nike stores selling the Nike Be True collections. No Word on a realease date.

Hi Hater




The Animal (f/Phonte) - Murs & 9th Wonder

Flashback Video Of The Week!

Little Brother - Speed

Digital X HD Video Camera

Finally a camera that you can hide when you go to concerts. This camera has 11 megapixels, HD Video Recording, mp3 player, video game features and much more.TheDigitalXCamera

Puma x Han Cholo

These are a Han Cholo shop exclusive and will be retailed at $300.
Han Cholo

Tyga Responds To Chain Situation

so the story goes that Tyga got his chain stolen and 40 Glocc was the culprit. Word is that Lil Wayne paid them to get it back. Well heres tyga's response video.

Change .

It comes a time in life, when you gotta leave certain people behind and move up to the next level. I hate when people say "Djayy, don't forget about me. " or "LaVish I was always there for you." Because usually those are the ones that really weren't, cause if they were they wouldn't have to remind you not to forget about them. But I had to let a lot of people go that I worked with and move on to bigger and better things. And to those that will make it to see my future if I ever get to big headed and forget where I came from PLEASE ! correct me. I never wanna end up being labeled as an asshole, and having friends go against me cause I got to "big headed".

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nike Air Yeezy Tinker Hatfield Edition

New Air Yeezy's.Mark Smith customized a pair of Nike Air Yeezy’s for Nike Designer Tinker Hatfield.

BET Award winners

Best Male Hip Hop Artist - Kanye West
congrads to Ye'

Best Female R&B Artist - Alicia Keys
Best Male R&B Artist - Chris Brown
Best Group Winner - UGK (R.I.P Pimp C)
Best Gospel Artist - Marvin Sapp
Best Female Hip Hop Artist - Missy Elliott
Video of the Year - UGK ft. Outkast for International Player’s Anthem
Best Collaboration - Kanye West ft. T-Pain
Viewers Choice Winner - Lil Wayne
Best New Artist - The Dream

A-Trak - Me & My Sneakers feat. Lupe Fiasco

New music from Lupe Fiasco called "Me & My Sneakers"
A-Trak - Me & My Sneakers feat. Lupe Fiasco (CLICK TO LISTEN)

Nike “Fukuoka” Dunk Low

Nike will be releasing the Fukuoka Dunk from the Japanese City Dunk Pack.This multi-colored Dunk Low pays tribute to the annual Yamakasa festival and comes in patent leather with very nice detail on the heel. These will be available Saturday, June 28th at retailers in Japan.

Common feat. Pharrell Williams - Announce

So heres a leaked song from Common's new album "Invincible Summer" and its called Announcement.

Common feat. Pharrell Williams - Announce (CLICK TO LISTEN)

Monday, June 23, 2008

SBTG & Meth x New Balance M576

exclusively in asia. Limited to 444 pairs only.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I really respect these dudes, great originality !!!

their album is titled "When Fish Ride Bicycles" hmmm interesting.

alot of people are tryna come out like them, smh.


In my opinon. . .also "Shoot Me Down"

Dr. Carter - Lil Wayne


Me, B. Allan, and Chuck Wun was chillin, talking bout the sound "Supreme Being" should have . After "Cooley High" I sat back and listened to different types of music, artists and producers . The name alone "Supreme Being" builds hype, [especially as much as I keep talking about it] . So this mixtape/ep has to live up to its hype .I want this to sound like something a 15 year old wouldn't do . Something that'll put people in a daydream. with old school 80s drum kits over Steely Dan, Hiroshima and Stevie Wonder, etc samples . With that said I don't have a due date for this, because im still working on beats for it and coming up with newer ideas for it .B. Allan told me we gotta make something that can take over the world, and with that N*E*R*D cd "Seeing Sounds" being released that helped tweek the sounds on the project. So lookout for new songs on the myspace page and snippets on imeem.



Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nike Air Yeezyyssss !

seen these shoes since Ye' performed at the Grammys. Since then weve seen many different colors of these shoes. This may be a new color which seems to be Light Tan, White, and Red. Still no word if there een getting released but stick around for updates

Another For The Ladies!

expect these to come out in the following weeks at your local sneaker store.

The Happening

niggas always making trailers look better than the damn movie.saw this shit yesturday and all i can say is if you see or saw this movie you wasted money.


.. YOU SUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..

ima legend no ima king no I'm emporer no I'm the thing wait hold up I got a queen that baby green I rule new school you new to this and its called my school so stop the kanye accent if resumed nigga you will get manished you will get damaged nigga dome bigger than the wheels on chrome beats is stole but you dnt wanna battle yo feet is cold you sound ridiculous why did you pick up the pen? im the give it man you the gimic man mr.kill a band mr.solo stand mr.with the sicker hand drop the mic cuhz you makin me sick you a replica so suck my dick ! just stop doggie I kill mic bitch you know I will.




Thursday, June 12, 2008

School's OUT !

Finally outta school and summer is here ! I been waiting for this so long. But I was thinking to myself am I gonna miss any of them people? And I came to the conclusion that im not. Anyone that I may miss I will obviously keep in touch with. But for the most part I felt like a alien on earth at that damn school. But I look at it as a test, some sort of journey, well I must've past the test and the journey has just begun. Summer is gonna be fun and crazy !


(anyone that took offense sorry!)

Nike Dunk High Be True iD - With Repeat Laser iD

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I promised her I would put up a post about her for her b day. . .I must say thanks for her, the most supportive/motivating person there for me. She tells me whenever something is good or bad, or when a song or beat doesn't sound right. . .Im totally grateful I met her. I love this girl like a sister, a bestfriend. . .Happy 15th Birthday Amara.

P.s. we still having the dinner party at Bj's!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

june 7th 2008

with amara,brianna,me,and nardo.