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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


CST Test.Find Blackberry Bold.Keep Blackberry Bold.Return Blackberry Bold.Shoot dice...Came up & Lost some.Melrose.Fairfax.Met Dom Kennedy, Cool convo.Tomato Pie.Diamond Supply Co, posted with Jordan.Freshjive, posted with Mr. 100k (gonna be interning in the summertime, come post with us lol).Ride around L.A.Home.Write Rhymes.Watch Fresh Prince & Martin reruns...Blog.Sleep.

Yusef Andrews-Laugh At Me ft. ME !! (Prod. by LaVish)

Song I did with good friend Yusef Andews, DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE HERE

Odd Future Presents: The Super D3Shay EP

Another OF presentation...the collab EP from brandUn DeShay and The Super 3!...FREE DOWNLOAD HERE...btw "We Were" is my favorite, classic shit...

Phony Ppl-WTF is Phonyland (Mixtape)

Alright now I download this mixtape/free album knowing nothing about the group, and there's still very little that I do know, all I do know is I was pleased with taking a chance and downloading it. Reminds me of a new age N.E.R.D...DOWNLOAD IT HERE for yourself and try it out....


LMAO !!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maestro Knows-Episode 6

Maestro Knows - Episode 6 (Air Yeezy Skate) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.
Been watching Maestro's videos, he seems cool, gotta get on one of his vids, that'll really promote "Hometown Hero" lol.

Dom Kennedy-FutureStreet/DrugSounds (Mixtape)

Been waiting for this for a minute lol. Shouts to my homie Toussaintwho did the cover, and DeShay who did a beat...DOWNLOAD IT HERE

LaVish-The Sweet Nothings (Prod. by Jansport J)

A song I did off the homie Jansport J's beat...DOWNLOAD IT HERE FOR FREE...what if we started charging for these songs lol...iTunes anyone ?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Drake-Right To Left ft. Tanya Morgan

I guess this was a "Comeback Season" take off or something, but DOWNLOAD HERE

Kris Mars-Ask About Me

Homie Kris Mars goes in on N.E.R.D's "Everyone Nose", shit dope...FREE DOWNLOAD HERE

Lavishanaire Clothing

Lavishanaire Clothing, from new homie Chris White. I heard the "Lavish" part and had to look into it. So yesterday I met up with Chris in Inglewood and went to Fairfax to take photos for the line. Support the clothing, his new season is coming soon, stay updated with his blog and daily posts @ lavishanaire.blogspot.com....so, NO this is not my clothing line, lol.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Family Business-The MissTape (Coming This Summer)

Upcoming tape from homies Name, Just Jae & Steve Sincere (of Family Business) new tape, not a mixtape but a misstape, coming this summer...I got some tracks on there...stay updated at their blog.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


WAS A GOOD DAY...Kanye West & Malik Yusef-Magic Man ft. Common & John Legend

Skeme-Random Ransom

Inglewood rep, Skeme...who's also on track off "Hometown Hero", but umm download new song from homie off upcoming project "Skeme Of Things 2" coming June 2nd...This song is ill, so I had to post it, and the flow is on point, check it...peace.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sigh !

Long story short, a friend of mine up in L.A. hit me up telling me about a new show their doing about L.A./Beverly Hills kids, and they wanted different kinds of kids. And since he knows bout my music he pitched me to the producers of the show, and they were feeling me, so I went to the offices today and they want me on the show. MTV, The CW, & E! are all interested in having the show, damn, its crazy lol. The audition was real cool, they told me to "be myself" and chill, and I had em laughing and stuff, its weird. Never thought I'd be acting lol. Ima use this as another promotion tool for the "rap career"
Dom Kennedy-Hard Work (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

H.O.P.E.-Follow The Leader (Free Album)

Highly anticipated project from (correction lol) Compton rapper, H.O.P.E...heard some snippets of this from peers, "The Girlfriend Song" is ill lol, haven't heard the whole thing yet, its currently downloading, but I know it's dope, so FREE DOWNLOAD HERE.
And, U-N-I-Reach For The Sky ft. Tabi Bonney & Haziq Ali

Monday, April 20, 2009


Brief post to everyone helping out on the tape, it's gonna be really dope in my opinion, mark your calendars for "HOMETOWN HERO", JULY 3rd...Thanks to all the myspace listeners/blog & TWITTER viewers/followers, and the producers/artists or supporters of this tape. People that I hadn't spoke to in awhile/people that I didn't know stay in tune with me have told me they can't wait for the tape. Well it'll be here in 2 months (that sounds long but, the time will go by fast im sure). Got a upcoming show at the Knitting Factory coming up, I supposed to go book it tomorrow, so I'll have the info for that soon...

The Super D3Shay-Radio Love

Here's the single off The Super 3 x brandUn DeShay collab EP coming sooner than later...Matt Martian from Super 3 sent me this track a few weeks back and it's a ill joint, real futuristic...download it here...and both DeShay & Super 3! are helping with the "Hometown Hero" tape, coming July 3rd.

Dom Kennedy-Where I Belong (Prod. by brandUn DeShay)

New song from Dom Kennedy, DeShay was telling me bout the track, and now here it is...Dom's tape is dropping April 28th (i believe)...download it here... The homie Mooky/Mr. 100k/Toussaint (whatever you'd like to call him) did the cover, who's also doing the "Hometown Hero" cover...

And....Kid Cudi-Dat Kid From Cleveland (Mixtape)
Clipse-Kinda Like A Big Deal ft. Kanye West (prod. by Dj Khalil)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just Another Day Out In Sunny L.A.

This weekend was cool I suppose. Had to go to a prom last night, it was at The Queen Mary. Pretty cool experience, my prom is til' '011 but I got a early start with this one. Friday I was at the stu, all nighter with the fellas. Did a track for Future Sound's new tape, Vince Staples, brandUn DeShay and Family Business, so that's a lot of collabing lol. Today me and Max posted on Fairfax at Freshjive all day with big homie Mooky (who's shooting the tape cover). It'shot as hell in L.A. right now, and I don't know why. I figured out that the release date for "Hometown Hero" is July 3rd. I want this tape to be something you can vibe out to and be played at the summer pool parties, kickbacks, bonfires, in your car/home, (functions lol) etc. So if you download it on the 3rd, you can bump it at ya 4th of July BBQs and etc. Shouts to Chuck Wun and brandUn DeShay who keep sending me great beats, concepts and support. Missed out on the OF show last night (because of the prom) I wanted to be there for my homies, but I heard they rocked it, so that's all good...more updates and new songs coming, dueces !

B.P.-Successful (Remix)

The homie Brandon outta L.A. verison of Drake's "Successful", download it here

Friday, April 17, 2009

Casey Veggies-Cigar Music (I Do It)

New song from the homie CV, download it here, Customized Greatly Vol. 2 coming soon...

Wiz Khalifa-Flight School (Mixtape)

New mixtape from Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa...everybody prolly knows him from the song "Say Yeah", but download the tape and recently I've been blogging bout other shit rather than my day to day life, but I'ma get back on ''MY'' shit and keep everyone updated.

And, Drake-Funk Flex Freestyle
H.O.P.E.-Night Life (Rmx) ft. Mickey Factz, & U-N-I

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Sean x Mick Boogie-UKNOWBIGSEAN (Mixtape)

Finally, the long awaited release from Big Sean, haven't heard the whole thing yet, but from what I've heard it's pretty dope, download it here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Dont Buy Asher ROth on 4-20 from Kush Robinson on Vimeo.
This is the type of shit I'd do lol...but I'll prolly buy it off I-Tunes or something rather than downloading it. Dope little marketing scheme tho. (Had to blog it for those reasons)

Big Sean-Desire, Want & Need/Rollin/Take Me Away (Snippet)...

2 new Big Sean songs off "UKNOWBIGSEAN" which is supposed to drop this week and a snippet off of "Finally Famous: The Album"...
Big Sean-Desire, Want & Need
Big Sean-Take Me Away (Snippet)
Big Sean-Rollin'

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'ma be in this joint...honestly, I gotta get back on doing shows, might have one the end of this month, last one was in March. I been just recording recording recording and forgetting to book shows and reach out about em, but I'm def hoppin back on the performing tip, got a lot of songs that are good to perform, so we'll see whats next...

Wiz Khalifa-Get Sum

New song off Wiz Khalifa's new tape "Flight School" dropping Friday...download it here

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Break-Ing.

Damn, this Spring Break went by fast. From last Sunday to Friday I was in the studio. Whether I was recording or just chillin' and vibing out. "Hometon Hero" is sounding good, been meeting the right people and what not. So last night I decided to go out since I had been at the studio for 5 days straight (spending the nite and all), went to a kickback in Inglewood, then to a party in LA that was real cool, met some "people" (pause) and after the party in the parking lot we had a little cypher, and all the girls came over haha (that's a good way to get noticed) then back to Brandons studio in the hills and crashed at 5am. Had a cool break over all, I could use another week tho, so back to school tomorrow, lame. Wish I could just do music all day, everyday.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

LaVish-Scenario (09 Remix) ft. Family Business & Yusef Andrews

Here's the finished product lol, had fun doing this track, download it here...Music video ??? lol

Friday, April 10, 2009

Family Business .

Me, Yusef Andrews, Chuck Wun, and Just Jae, Name, & Steve Sincere (of Family Business) came thru and we did "Scenario (09 Remix) and we're finishing up "Out In The Sun" right now...

This is where it all began .

I seen this last April/May, when I first heard Cudi...


Every day this week has basically been a productive/nonproductive day at the studio. I just finished recording "Confidently Modest Pt. 2" that has the same folks as the original and will be on the tape. Now I gotta do "3rd Deminsion" a song produced by StereoHype that features Hodgy Beats. Bouncers at the Key Club was trippin on us Wednesday night, so fuck em lol, but everyone told me the show went swell so thats all that matters. Just a brief post, new music coming soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


(pause). What's a hypebeast ??? Me, Yusef & Mr. 100k all had a (small) convo on this at Freshjive the other day. I prolly have called people this is my younger day, I don't know what the meaning is when you truly think about it. I've heard people say its someone with a bunch of clothing lines on, but yet I've heard it can be someone with a lot of one clothing line on. Fuck it, I don't care. Right now I have a Freshjive hoodie, hat and shirt, with nike's...do I qualify as a hypebeast ??? But if I had on sweatpants or neon green skinny's I would also be a "hypebeast" or "dickrider". Shit, maybe I should dress like Urkle, but then I'd get laughed at, so fuck, what do I wear ??? People just be yourself, I hate when people always worry what other people are wearing. If your outfit is right, leave the next man alone...now off to the Key Club, shouts to Casey, Skeme & H.O.P.E. who are also performing....

Peace, LaVish

U-N-I-Hollywood Hiatus (Video)

Inglewood natives new video "Hollywood Hiatus" prod. by Ro. Blvd

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

25th Hour

Tired as hell. Been up since Thursday off of like 4 hours of sleep. Cool weekend. Went to 6 flags on Saturday, got on my first roller coaster (been afraid of heights lol). Sunday just posted on Fairfax with the homie Toussaint at Freshjive for hours just vibing to songs and random convos, chilled at Amoeba, and hit up the studio. But it was one of the those days when you just kick it at the studio and talk, play videogames and shit lol. But now I'm writing with Raymeo for his album coming soon. And also with Yusef Andrews for both of our projects, everyone's finally coming together, you'll be hearing tracks from us soon. I actually did whats known as a "club song" lol...you'll see how that came out soon...


Oh, and this song is one of my favorites out, Kid Cudi-I Poke Her Face ft. Kanye West, Lady GaGa & Common

Rogue x Alife .

Via:The Smogcheck

Friday, April 3, 2009

C-San-LA Life (Remix) ft. Casey Veggies & Three-1-Zero

Remix of "LA Life", shouts to my niggas...download it here

Golden Lady .

Been with this girl for awhile now...the one thats been keeping me occupied...I don't even party no more. It's studio then kick it with her lol...just feel like those things are pointless...I love her...(and "niggas", it's not no simp shit to express that...you should always tell your girl that, lol)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Shouts to BrandUn DeShay & Super 3 ! Earlier Matt Martian (from Super 3!) sent me some songs off their upcoming collabo EP, (coming sooner than you think) and it's been on repeat for awhile now lol, kudos...it's on some futuristic Andre 3000 type shit meets Jamiroquai (idk if i spelled it right)...I'm keeping this post simple...you'll hear some new music from both me and DeShay along with Super 3! .

P.S: WHY DO I FEEL SO ALONE ??? .... & B. Pina keep ya head up man !

Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Family Business-WTFYa'llNiggasDoin' (Mixtape)

I don't blog tapes no more with out giving them a listen, but this tape is dope, from the homies out in Lakewood, CA. Just Jae, Steve Sincere, and Name...I PRODUCED TRACK #9, "I CAN'T", check it out tho...DOWNLOAD HERE...

P.S: "Out In The Sun" (Remix) with us all on it coming soon and the video !

Early Retirement...NO APRIL FOOLS.

I'm done.