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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Van Solo-Veeology (Mixtape)

The homie Van outta Houston, Texas new mixtape "Veeology" download it here and also peep his myspace page...we'll have some works in the future.


Haven't blogged no clothes in a while but these are ill. The Air Yeezy's & these are prolly my next pair of shoes, haven't bought some shoes in a minute, been slacking...but these are the Air Jordan VI Motorsports, some new edition of Jordans I guess....
via: Hypebeast

U-N-I-A Love Supreme.

Man, I been waiting for this project for a minute, not just West Coast rap but Hip Hop is going back to good music and dope rhymes, it's good to see. And L.A. is getting recognition right now, and this album got a XL in the XXL mag, big ups to YO & Thurz who I met some months back and they showed love...it's A Love Supreme.

Monday, March 30, 2009

LaVish-Stay Up.

Laid back weekend...chilled with my girl and a all nighter studio session. Nowadays that's how I like to spend my weekends. I don't really like partying and shit like I use to, except for shows and what not, idk. I prolly grew up too fast lol...I did this song awhile ago, but it was just sitting here on my comp, unreleased so here it is for listeners...DOWNLOAD HERE

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jansport J-The 2 A.M. (Mixtape)

Yo, Me and Jansport J (who produces parts of the "Curly Tops & Nautica Jeans" tape) just got in contact, so you'll prolly be hearing him on "Hometown Hero" also, download the tape tho here


This dude is wildin', I'm like speechless.

I Kinda Like This More Than The Original...

This song is dope, I kinda like this version better rather than the one with Raphael Saadiq, it's a good collab tho', check it...Q-Tip ft. Kanye & Consequence-We Fight, We Love (Remix)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brief Memo .

I'm just chillin yo, straight up vibing out and networking with folks, Just talked to big bruh DeShay and Matt (of Super 3!) and they in Atlanta, GA working on music...Helping me with some shit for "Hometown Hero", man it feels good to know you making good music and making all the right moves. Especially when you got the right people holding you up, instead of holding you down. It's crazy cause now I'll be around the way and people will come up and be like "yo, I heard your song" or "seen your Facebook freestyles, your dope" I thank all those people, I'm not on no star shit, I've been mostly hearing it from people I don't even know around my school saying it and a few times when I've just been strolling thru L.A. or Long Beach. I stay humble tho, cause I hate getting gassed up for nothing. So I thank everyone that listens to the music and appreciates the greatness (LOL.)...more good shit on the way, peace !

"Up In Beni-Han Han Eating All The Wong-Tong"

I don't know if I spelled all that right but the point is Big Sean is that nigga, one of my fav's right now...still waiting for that "U KNOW BIG SEAN" mixtape to drop tho lol...Now I really wanna be on G.O.O.D. Music lol...maybe one day, it's in God's hands.

Pac Div-Shut Up ft. The Cool Kids (Prod. Swiff D)

Man, I been putting niggas up on Pac Div for awhile now. This song bangs, shit's ill, and you got The Cool Kids on the hook...I met em at the Spliff and they were mad cool, so check out a new song from em...Pac Div EP coming soon...
Pacific Division-Shut Up (Prod. Swiff D)

L.A.U.S.D. Presents: Curly Tops & Nautica Jackets (Mixtape)

Finally the official tape, I should've tried to get my ass on it lol...didn't know bout it tho, but check it, it's a dope tape, features a lot of good artists, and dope beats...(DOWNLOAD HERE)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Steve Sincere x Just Jae x Name Presents...It's Family Business:WTFYa'llNiggasDoin??!! (Coming Soon)

I did some beats for the tape, so I must promote, the homies straight outta Lakewood, CA...and they all are on the mixtape, "Hometown Hero" on a track called "Out In The Sun" (which is coming soon as hell) lol.

Damn, Dom Kennedy & cARteR in a Keri x Kanye video ???

That's a good look, dope song, especially since I can relate cause of my relationship with Tiaira. But peep the Dom K cameo in the background at like 2:23...L.A. coming back. I'm back on my grizzy...

Big Ups.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day Pass.

Cool day today, just chilled, and went to Lakewood Mall (hate it there, everyone dresses the same, fuck Up Against The Wall especially lol)...But check the pics...new songs coming soon !


Last night stopped by Rob Hotel B-Day Party....weed + alcohol.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Studio Time.

Been up all night, finishing up songs right now. The tape will be done next month. Everything's coming together and what not...hopefully everyone appreciates it. Been getting good feedback from the people I've showed songs to...I'll prolly post up a track tonite, I don't wanna leak too much, but I don't wanna keep people waiting too long...So I'll just drop promos....shouts to everyone involved with the tape.

GLC-Flight School (ft. Kanye West & T-Pain)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


This reminds me of PacDiv's first tape "Sealed For Freshness Blendtape" back in 06/07 when I first heard em, but check it outPacDiv-OPP

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Rob Roy "Fur In My Cap" Director: Ethan Lader from ethandirector on Vimeo.
The visual effect is dope, I don't know what to say about the song, never really got into that culture of "techno" or "hipster" other than Santogold or M.I.A. but check it out via: 2dopeboyz

"I Wear Dior Sneakers Cause The Boy's Getting Cash"


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A lot of "up comers" act like asses towards fans/other artists. (Not that anyone was this way towards me), but I was listening to the past mixtapes I've downloaded in the past month, and all of em were good. For one, I study good artist (believe it or not) and take notes, from the good things they do, to the bad. It just humbles me. I don't know if this is good or not, but I'm the type of person that'll work with anyone and help anyone in need out, I love hearing new artists, cause I learn something from everyone I hear. Now I can go back to my tape and change things up and add/subtract what's needed & what's not.

Lights, Camera, Action - Outasight

B. Citee-Radio ft. Curren$y & LaVish

The homie E told me to hop on this track, so I couldn't turn it down. YES! it's a real song, with the real Curren$y from Fly Society & former Young Money Ent. member. But this off his upcoming tape "Almost Famous"...DOWNLOAD IT HERE

BONUS:LaVish-I'm Ill ft. B. Allan & Citee

Wale-Word Play ft. Currency & Tre (of UCB)

New track from Wale's upcoming mixtape "Back To The Feature" where he collaborated with 9th Wonder (dropping April 29th)...check it out

SIDE BAR:I'm glad I changed my mixtape title, cause it was originally "Back To The Future" (those that been following my career know that) but after figuring out what I wanted the tape to sound like I changed it...

Outasight-From There To Here: An Album Prequel (Mixtape)

Heard of him on the Cook Classics recent mixtape, his songs were pretty ill, had to download the tape. Nowadays I'm all about supporting new artists...DOWNLOAD IT HERE !

Monday, March 16, 2009

Super 3! Whaddup !!!

The Super 3 "The Making Of" Part 1 from Matt Martians on Vimeo.
Homie Matt from The Super 3! just sent me this video, the beat is ill...you may recognize this song soon...

Cudi...Done ???

Damn yo, I was actually a fan of Cudi, and now after his debut album he's gonna call it quits !!!...I had debates on his songs and how ill he was and what not, now this ??? Fuck ! Kinda makes you not wanna be big if it's gonna kill your dreams of how you thought "the goodlife" would be...But I thought Kanye would give him a one-on-one on how to deal with all that seeing that he had to...but check it out at Cudi's personal blog.

I Was Wondering How I Would Look As A Old Man...lol...

88-Keys ft. Kanye West-Stay Up (Viagra)...it took awhile for the video to drop, I hear the song in '07. But the video's funny to me, something different...check it out...

Sunday, March 15, 2009


My homie Brandon Banks over at Beverly High did this for the 09 grads over Asher Roth's "I Love College", so I had to show love...Brandon Bank-I Love High School...give feedback !

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Can Relate...

I been rocking with PacDiv since last Feburary (08) and they shit been ill since. I can relate and vibe out to all they tracks, I'm just waiting for the finished version to "She" to release, and their album, I got to meet em at the Spliff last month, they're chill folks, but check out the untagged version from "The New Classics" mixtape...PacDiv-On Off Switch ft. Mykel & Dom Kennedy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Everything ain't what it seems"

Ever feel like you do so much to make everyone else happy but they won't go half way to return the favor ? Damn, I'm not even gonna put those people out there, SHE/he knows who they are. I read some shit (a blog) that made me mad. Ima just tell it like I told the homie Brandon P, its music over everything and everybody now, cause if folks not finna lookout for me ima do me, sucks when those "certain" people aren't there to "support". But you ain't gotta doe any favors, dont gotta come to the shows, download the music or gimme love. But when we make it dont look dumbfound with your lip poked out.

FUCK YOU, nite.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tyler The Creator-Fuck Love

New song from the homie Ace...download it here...you can find him on Hometown Hero, whether a verse or a beat..."Dinosaur" coming soon.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Parents just don't understand...

Fuck ! I'm grounded... No phone or MacBook. I'm just happy my iPod touch has wi-fi LOL. This is putting the tape recording sessions on a 2 week hold. Well I got a few more beats so I can write and go to the studio with a boatload. I haven't talked to my girl since Saturday, damn. I tried calling but her phone been off, hope she knows I love her. Teachers are bitch made, and so are parents....there's no need to argue.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


My Saturday was a big ass up and down. Meaning good and bad. But none the less me and B. Allan rocked 2 shows, one for A & R reps for Universal Records & another at the homie's party. Everything was good...til you know what, niggas started acting like niggas lol. Fights broke out, security started fighting and shit, people were taken to the hospital and I was just like damn. But one of those hospitalized people were a friend of mine, hopefully he gets better. It was a bunch of chaos. That's why I don't go to parties, I just stick to kickbacks or whatever. But we had to make a 1am ride to Riverside, all the way from L.A. so I was thinking of how I could get better at my craft. But sometimes it's hard when those people that claim to have your back and support you, at the end don't show up to the shows or give no positive feedback to you. But they know who they are and I'll do fine without them...but love to everyone that was there and showed us love...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Your Life Like ???

Today was straight...just chilled with the homies and what not. But uhh to keep people updated and brief life's been good, got a show Saturday night, performing at this party with B. Allan & Cold Flames. But umm been keepin' shit right in school and writing rhymes like 24/7...Also got a interview with some A & R's from Universal Records at 3:30 on Saturday, so this is gonna be a productive weekend. I'm just weeding out all the drama, cause the future's looking bright and I don't need none of that. And, also for all the "fans" and "readers" I showed a few people some snippets off the "Hometown Hero" tape, got some good responses. Yeah ! Well peace, gotta make ice cream in chemistry class tomorrow (how the fuck is that possible ??? HAND MADE ICE CREAM??? (pause)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

LaVish-I'm Ill feat. B. Allan & Citee.

First song off of "Hometown Hero" (coming soon)...sent this song out yesterday and got good responses...check it out, more to come...DOWNLOAD "I'M ILL"

P.S: Shouts to DeShay for all the coaching & advice. I'm taking this tape serious. Honestly the tape could've dropped tonight if I would've kept the original track list, but I watched a lot of my peers and listened to the songs that released this past month and started over and rewrote everything. So just look forward to a growth in music and sound in the upcoming weeks...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kid Cudi-The Sky Might Fall

This song is ill. Kid Cudi is one of the illest artist out in my opinon, can't wait for the album.Kid Cudi-Sky May Fall (Prod. By Kanye West)

Hometown Hero (Preview)

Another day in the studio, finishing up "I'm Ill"....HOMETOWN HERO COMING SOON !

Happy B-Day B. Allan.

Yo, I met this dude in the summer of 07 at a skatepark in Long Beach. And we been cool every since. This is one of my best friends, more so like a brother. He's seen a lot of shit I had to go thru, and vice versa. Also one of my advisors, from girl problems to day to day life shit. But happy 17th man, and we'll continue to create good music...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mike Posner ” A Matter of Time” (Mixtape)

Mike Posner is dope...I heard him on Big Sean's "Finally Famous Vol. 1" mixtape...his beats and concepts are ill...I need to meet more people like this lol. I give it "2 snaps"...another dope tape in '09...Download It Here

72 Hrs.

Been at the studio since Friday, it's Sunday afternoon and I'm tired. Haven't really slept...been doing verses for other people and doing songs for "Hometown Hero". I'm taking a different approach with this tape, for the better. I feel like this tape compared to my last one or previous songs is showing a lot of growth. I'm happy with the music that's being made and the people I'm meeting/working with...it's all uphill from here...

Here's a video of us finishing up "I'm Ill ft. B. Allan & Citee" (this will probably be up tomorrow)...Also last night we kinda took a break and went to this kickback out in Long Beach. Some of Frankie Owns' peeps...we was wildin...and got called out to spit a cipher in the middle of the party, it was a good enviornment and good party. Then went back to the studio for the rest of the night at like 2am...I'm still at the studio btw lol...just chillin tho.