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Thursday, May 29, 2008

LaVish's Blogspot.

A friend of mine, Paris, mentioned that my blog was basically about clothes. So once i get my new cam ima start posting more shit on my day to day life. From school, to home, to the studio and hangouts. Shout out to Amara and Paul for some of the stuff they post. . .I can't remember if i did a post on the next mixtape "Supreme Being" but its coming in August/September, much love.


Stealing Girl Scout Money ?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Atmos x Puma Endangered Species Pack

Including the Harp Seal Clyde, Polar Bear Clyde, and Macaroni Penguin Mid.

Nike Air Stab QK - Runnin’ Gunnin’

Wale "W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E." video

Eye See Colors!

Finally a website where you can customize most of your shit, and its simple. Just choose your item , pick the colors, pay for it, and send it in. They customized your stuff and send it back to you.

New Era Street Team

Saturday March 24th, 2008, (from L to R Nardo,Bruhman,Neko,LaVish,Davey (and Paul not shown)were on a all day skate mish and we were talking about a new movement with fashion, music, and skateboarding. So that's why we're a street team not a"squad" "click" or calling ourselves a skate team. Cause we do more than just skate. (but me myself don't skate like i use to so don't consider me as a "skater). Clothing Line, pics of the official team and videos coming soon. . .also, welcome to the team Phillip. (not shown)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lets Talk About. . .Stereotypes & People Nowadays.

Where can I start, stereotypes wouldn't be a stereotype if you didn't prove them right. Like when people say "black are loud and ghetto" the stereotype video with the lady on the train doesn't do anything but prove that stereotype right. And what's with everyone being a super Cool Kids fan now? What happend to The Pack and yo "hyphy shit"? Does it mean that your being someone else just to fit in? Being true to others is being true to yourself, keep that in mind. And no diss to The Cool Kids cause i was one of the first people bumping "88" and "Looseleaf Paper" in 07. (and still listen to them, songs like, "Stove Top", "Miami Beach" and "Jingling").All you people know is "Mikey Rocks" and "Black Mags". Can people please stop following trends and be themselves? Well if your reading this ask yourself, the clothes you buy and the shoes you wear, the music you listen to and the way you act, do you do that because its you? Or because you seen Pharrell or Lil Wayne doing it? Im not tryna kill no ones hype, but its a good way to think.


Kanye West - Flashing Lights (Version 2)

Kanye's first video for "Flashing Lights" left many people in the dark as to what the video meant but now maby some questions might be answered in this never before seen version of this single. Word around the street is that there are three videos and this is the second one of the three that were shot.

Stussy - Customade “Our Gangs #3″ Collection

For the third installment of Stussy’s Customade “Our Gangs” collection.

DVS x Diamond Supply Co. - Dayton “Gucci”

Nike Hyperdunk - Kobe Bryant & Jackass

Last month Kobe Bryant was the one debuting the Hyperdunk in a YouTube video when he jumoed over an Aston Martin, now this month Nike is getting together with the boys from Jackass and filmed Kobe jumping over a pool of snaked with his new Nike Hyperdunks.

Nike Air Max 90 Patent Pack

Release Reminder Air Jordan 6 + 17 Countdown Pack

The highly anticipated Air Jordan Air Jordan VI + XVII (6 + 17) Countdown Pack is are here, they launched lastnight at midnight at most online retailers. When we first had confirmation of the Air Jordan VI Carmine colorway as part of this pack we were very excited. They were last seen on eBay for $2000 and previously seen in 1991. One of the most sought after Air Jordan VI / Jordan for that matter is the classic Carmine colorway of the Air Jordan VI. Sought only because they have never been retroed since they dropped in 1991. Most online stores have these.

Release Date: May 24th, 2008
Name: Air Jordan Countdown Pack Collezione #4
Style #: 323939-991
VI Retro: White/Black-Carmine;
XVII Retro: Black/Metallic Silver
Price: $310

Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer 08!!!

The summer is on its way i got a lot of plans. . .Drop 2nd mixtape, do shows, network and collab, and get my name out there even more. Other than all the fun, this summer is gonna be sorta a test to me. Everyones doubting me and everything I've bragged about doing I must do to prove them wrong and that I was right. I don't have a title for the mixtape, YET!. But sometime this or next week i will be posting more info on it. new song "Butter" coming soon. . .its about all the girls who dissed me, got dissed or that i messed with.(sorry to the ladies that recognize they name in the song) lol.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PUMA First Round - Teddy Bear

The Award Tour - Endless Summer ‘08

New clothing line brand- the Award Tour is designed and run by Phillip "LochNess" Annad. His collection consists of Tees, sweatshirts, belts, and hats. With a nautical feel, the Endless Summer '08 is vibrant and youthful. Soon to be available through there online website adn at select retailers nationally and internationally. Updates soon.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Supreme x Vans - Half Cab & Chukka

Supreme updated the release info on their latest collaboration with Vans. The new collection, for summer 2008, is based on 2 models for Vans , the Half Cab and Chukka. Both are made of suede and canvas, with classic Brogues preforation (also known as Wing Tip) adornments. Instead of the usual placement are the forefoot, the designs are placed in the sneakers' sides and/or heel. Another unique feature on the shoe is the Supreme logo imprinted on the inside of the toungue. Both shoes come in colorways in yellow (off-white on the Chukka), black, blue, and red.

Each will release Thursday, May 22nd, at Supreme's Los Angeles and New York flagship stores. Also the online store release will be on Friday, May 23rd.

Supreme New York
274 Lafayette Street |
New York, NY 10012
TEL #: 212-966-7799

Supreme Los Angeles
439 North Fairfax Avenue |
Los Angeles, CA 90036
TEL #: 323-655-6205
> Map

Supreme x Vans - Half Cab - Yellow

Supreme x Vans - Half Cab - Red

Supreme x Vans - Chukka - Red

Supreme x Vans - Half Cab

Supreme x Vans - Chukka - Blue

Supreme x Vans - Chukka

Some People Hate.

Man this post goes out to all my haters, im real tired of being around fake people and fake friends, after this school year when im outta LB Jordan ya won't see me again til im on TV. Fuck ya and you know who you are. All the real folks thanks for the love and support, we gon keep it rollin with good and better music. . .


Sunday, May 18, 2008

"And The Winner Is"

Kanye West, #1 on MTV's Hottest MC in the game list. Leaving Lil Wayne at #3. . .And Jay-Z at the # 2 Spot...MTV.com for more info, and the rest of the list.

HARD Summer Festival

Stussy x Haze S/S '08 T-Shirts

After Eric Elms and a couple of other guest artists, Stussy also invited graff legend Haze to design a couple of tees for the Spring/Summer 2008 collection. The artist designed 2 t-shirts that keep an overall clean look.

Both shirts are now available in a couple of colorways at
Stussy Direct

N*E*R*D - Seeing Sounds Album Cover

ahhhhh! the cover might turn RED?